10 Reasons Onboarding is Crucial to Recruiting

Onboarding isn’t just for the employee – Done correctly, it can reduce cost associated with learning the job, increases production if the new hire is trained correctly, and can reduce turnover if the new hire feels valued. Effective onboarding reduces turnover that occurs in first 30-90 days.

A recruiter’s job is not done once the candidate is placed. As the point of contact with the candidate, the recruiter often understands the candidate professionally better than most and can utilize these understandings to help transition them into the new role.

Recruiters can help Hiring Managers and HR perfect their onboarding process by discussing and agreeing upon effective practices before the candidate begins in their new role.

Keep these factors in mind when discussing the case for building an onboarding program:

    • Employees make the decision to stay or leave the company within the first 10 days (Aberdeen Group)
    • 58% of new employees who were successfully “onboarded” tend to stay in company for 3 years
    • 1 in 25 employees quit a new job because of a poor or non-existent onboarding program
    • Can cost as much as a third of new hire’s salary to replace them
    • Errors in onboarding cost time, money, your reputation
    • Boosts Employee Confidence -> Employee makes Positive impact at organization -> Organization overall better positioned for success
    • Process can be overwhelming for manager and employee – Streamline transition period to establish foundation for positive impact
    • No matter how many questions or requests you receive from the new hire, acknowledge the requests and do your best to be helpful
    • Give them timely feedback and describe processes candidly
    • Make them feel comfortable


  • Thinking onboarding begins on day one
  • Too much paperwork
  • No centralized system/common process
  • Thinking it’s only up to the new employee to impress
  • Thinking onboarding finishes on day one
  • Viewing onboarding as orientation

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