21 Intake Questions to Ask Your Hiring Manager

Now more than ever, quality candidates have a say in where they want their career to go next.

It’s crucial that recruiters have a thorough understanding of the open position and all of its details in order to make a successful placement of top talent.

If the Recruiter and Hiring Manager don’t understand each other, it can be incredibly costly. An unclear position leads to a mis-hire and can cost a client up to a third of the new hire’s salary to replace them. Avoid the disconnect between hiring managers and recruiters to save everyone time and headaches.

Keep these Hiring Manager & Client questions in mind the next time you gear up to recruit for a position.

1. What is the Job title?

2. How many positions are we recruiting for?

3. What is the location of the role(s)?

4. What is the Reporting structure (who will the candidate report to)?

6. Who will be their direct reports or will they be an individual contributor?

7. What is the team structure (i.e. how many peers)?

8. Reason for the opening (acquisition, company growth, termination of employee)?

9. What happened to previous person?

10. How long has the position been open?

11. Any difficulties facing the team (i.e. high turnover, not enough experience within the team)?

13. Will there be advancement opportunities?

14. What are the long term objectives for this role (try to get three)?

15. What are the short term objectives for this role (try to get three)?

16. What will be a day in the life of this role?

17. What are the must have skills for a candidate to be successful? (Rank)

18. What are the preferred skills for a candidate to be successful? (Rationalize Requirements)

19. What is the Hiring Manager’s managerial style?

20. Is relocation offered – if so, what will the company provide?

21. What is the base salary/bonus/commission/sign on bonus/Visa sponsorship?

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