4 Steps to Selling a Position

As much as we resent the people who come door-to-door and sell us things we don’t need, recruiters often fall into the very same traps. Recruiters often miss the mark due to inappropriate and often off-putting techniques that scare the candidate away. In other words, recruiters tend to sell what they have rather than what candidates need.

When a candidate feels as though you have not heard their needs, his or her immediate reaction is often skepticism or immediate refusal. The best recruiting techniques require the recruiter to tailor the sale so that the candidate feels heard, considered, and respected. Follow these steps to ensure that you are appealing to the candidate:

Ask questions: Instead of immediately telling a candidate about the position at hand, it is important to dig for more information. Asking open-ended questions allows you to attain vital material about a candidate so that you can tailor your approach to match their needs.

Find their needs: While asking candidates open-ended questions, make sure to approach:

  • What they dislike about their job (points of pain)
  • What they like about their job (points of pleasure)

This information provides insight into what the selling points of your position will be. What do they value? Where are their priorities?

Analyze: Consider which of the candidate’s needs can be filled with the position you are trying to sell. If they are looking for flexible work schedules, and your position fills this need, that is your selling point. If they are looking to climb the corporate ladder, how will this position get them there?

Value the Candidate: The best way to convince a candidate that he or she is valued is by actually valuing him/her. Present the position in a way that fills the candidate’s needs and allows them to feel heard, but do so in a genuine manner. Sometimes it is all too obvious when a recruiter’s focus is on himself rather than the candidate’s well-being.

September 11, 2015

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