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Why REI?

Many of today’s recruiters are offered no formal education or training. While nearly every other field requires certification, education, or extensive prior experience, recruiters are often told to simply “learn by doing,” entering the job with little understanding of what’s expected of them, what to look for, or how the talent acquisition process ties together.

Because of this resounding issue, hiring managers and clients have become accustomed to recruiters who are not trained for the job, causing disconnect throughout the lifecycle of finding talent and further perpetuating the problem. These complications arise for novice recruiters as well as those who have been in the industry for 25 years.

At The Recruitment Education Institute, we believe there is a baseline of knowledge that recruiters at any experience level should understand and apply. These core strategies, best practices, and processes can be implemented through obtaining a thorough understanding of what it means to be an exceptional recruiter today.

To encourage this baseline of recruiter education, we have developed the Recruiter Certification Program. This certification fully prepares recruiters for the changing talent acquisition landscape through a variety of resources including Video Training & Webinars, Whitepapers, Articles, Workshops, Worksheets, Discussions, and In-Person, Customized Training.

By gaining familiarity with the latest trends, metrics and behaviors through our certification and resources, recruiters will be able to put more of their focus on candidate and client satisfaction and become known as trusted industry leaders.

Invest in Your People

In today’s competitive market, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition leaders know that professional development and training are essential in order to have the best possible team. Today’s hiring managers and clients are looking for professionally certified recruiters who will stand apart from the crowd and have the know-how to identify and deliver the top talent their company deserves.

According to Clear Company, employers are putting as much as 25% more spend into employee training and development each year. Offering learning and development opportunities such as the Recruiter Certification Program ensures that you will have a knowledgeable, capable, versatile recruiting team that will become trusted thought leaders among hiring managers.

Professional development is statistically proven to improve retention, engagement, enthusiasm, and commitment to your organization. Stay ahead of the curve by providing your recruiting team access to today’s best practices in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Online Training

Our online training program provides participants with the opportunity to become a Certified Recruiting Professional (CRP) through a number of comprehensive courses in a highly intuitive digital portal. Participants can complete the Recruiter Certification Program video training and testing to become certified at their own pace from the convenience of their own computer or mobile device, with courses and ancillary modules that cover every aspect of today’s contemporary recruiting life cycle and changing market trends.

Education and professional development continues within our online training with frequent webinars, webcasts, interactive discussions, and supplementary training videos to maintain certification for REI members.

        • Ongoing professional development completed at your own pace from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, including the Recruiter Certification Program, Advanced Modules, and Continuing Education Webinars and Videos
        • Recruiter Certification Program (RCP) online training and advanced modules offer timely and modern insight and strategies in today’s changing recruiting arena in topics such as:

                    • A-Z Full Cycle Recruiting: The Brand, The Job, The Hunt, The Sell, The Deal, The Quit, The Start
                    • Advanced Online Sourcing
                    • Advanced Behavioral Based Interviewing
                    • Advanced Onboarding

Onsite Training

Our accomplished Recruitment Education Institute trainers deliver expert insight into today’s recruiting best practices in an interactive, personalized onsite training course tailored to the specific needs of your organization. By utilizing the REI onsite training, participants are able to focus on tools, trends, and best practices most relevant to their particular talent acquisition challenges through workshop-style discussions, engagement, and interaction.

The modernized in-person training modules cover industry and market trends and topics crucial to recruiters at all experience levels, including best practices in online sourcing and web search, effective metrics, and behavioral based interviewing. The impactful strategies from the customized training can be implemented into the team’s strategy immediately.

Prior to delivering an onsite course, our highly skilled instructors will engage in comprehensive discussions with the organization to gain insight into company culture, backgrounds and roles of attendees, anticipated outcomes for the training, and distinct areas of emphasis.

            • Customized, in-person workshop led by REI trainers with years of firsthand industry experience
            • Highly engaging discussion, dialogue, group exercises on today’s recruiting best practices
            • Incomparably modern tips and tricks on sourcing, metrics, interviewing, hiring manager relationship, and more
            • Conclude the session with certification in hand and strategies to implement today


Become a Trainer

Are you a top performing recruiting professional with a passion to teach and share your knowledge and industry experience? The Recruitment Education Institute is seeking qualified trainers with extensive market expertise and instructional experience to join our digital and in-person certification workshop training team.

Please fill out this form completely so that the REI team may obtain a full understanding of who you are, what teaching experience you possess, and what motivates you to want to become a trainer.

We encourage interested experts to first familiarize themselves with the courses and structure of the Recruiter Certification Program, including terms and conditions. If your application is a match for our training needs, we will contact you with additional information and details.



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