Building Your Talent Outreach Strategy

In order to find top talent talent, we must first understand their demographics. According to Forbes, today’s Top Talent is: Highly Educated, Social, and Well Connected.

It takes much more than slapping a job description on a job board to find today’s top talent. Employer Branding has become a must in today’s candidate driven market.

Today’s talented candidates require a personal connection – building a rapport with the candidate pool on social networks and building a community of followers by becoming a trusted Thought Leader as an organization.

Consider investing in an in-house communications professional who will be able to manage social channels and actively engage with your target audience, both client and candidate. Cultivating these engagements, paired with providing and distributing engaging and educational content that will attract candidates, will allow for a canvassing of digital channels and casting of a wider net for top talent identification.

Refine your recruiting strategy by reviewing where you’re finding candidates. Searching LinkedIn for qualified talent has proven effective, but with nearly 98% of Recruiters on LinkedIn (Forbes), you’re at risk of searching in an over-fished pond. Consider leveraging your digital sourcing strategy with competitive intelligence methodologies, such as pairing with a research firm or recruiting organization that will aid your team in finding candidates that can’t be found by everyone else.

By obtaining access to this unique candidate pool, you won’t run the risk of having these candidates be stolen away by the competition before you can get to them.

Don’t forget to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to pairing company culture with employer branding strategy. Touting a fun yet professional workplace that offers great benefits and flexibility? As employer or Recruiter, work to prove it by holding true to these enticing aspects of the organization. The reputation of companies is spreading faster than ever, and backing these statements with satisfied, happy, and engaged employees will help to attract the best available talent for the role.

A Note on Experience: In 2015 and beyond, candidates will increasingly be hired based on their ability to perform successfully in their environment and not just the years of experience listed on a resume. According to best-selling author Lou Adler, years of experience does not necessarily equate skill. Employers who recognize this trend and have their eyes open to a wider pool of candidates may end up with qualified talent that has been otherwise overlooked.

September 14, 2015

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