Advanced Onboarding – $149.95

Within this 30 minute advanced session, participants will become prepared with an extensive onboarding toolkit that includes orientation, processes and forms, technology and training, and the overall new candidate experience.


    This session will emphasize the importance of preparation for a new hire’s first days on the job, and how to implement these procedures to have an approach ready prior to a new employee’s start date. This session will provide overall onboarding goals and key necessities for the new hire’s experience, including preparation of paperwork, inclusion into the cultural experience, and openness to questions. The session also discusses the importance of properly assessing and reviewing the new hire’s experiences into the first few months of their employment and onward. This session explains how onboarding varies from generation to generation and how to customize your procedures to ensure every new employee is at their utmost comfort level.

    In this session, participants will:

    • Understand the importance of onboarding to reduce turnover, build your brand, and better position your organization for future success
    • Learn how to develop a full onboarding toolkit that includes process, goals, technology, socialization, and training
    • Understand what goes wrong in the onboarding experience and how to remedy common mistakes

    *Completion of advanced modules within the Recruiter Certification Program is worth 5 Re-Certification Credits each. Visit our FAQ for more Re-Certification opportunities.

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      You hit all of the areas I was looking to cover – awesome job! Very interactive and made a huge impact!

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