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    Within this 1 hour 10 minute session, participants will learn the fundamentals of key sourcing strategies, including the importance of social media and how to best utilize it for recruiting processes. The session will uncover the primary goals of social networking and how to leverage these goals with building your brand and creating social relationships that proactively uncover top talent. The Expedition will explain in detail how to best utilize search engines for sourcing, including how to best apply LinkedIn’s advanced search functionalities. This session will provide a reference guide to best navigate electronic communication in ways that will effectively relay your message to the appropriate targets. Common issues within electronic communication for recruiters and their remedies will be addressed.

    In this session, participants will:

    • Understand Forrester’s Social Ladder of Participation and how it relates to utilization of social technologies for key recruiting strategies
    • Learn how to build an online presence to locate and engage with target demographics and allow for candidate tracking and assessment
    • Understand the importance of pairing online recruiting strategies with offline support in order to fully apply all components of recruiting and ensure thorough recruiting processes
    • Understand the pros and cons of social media as a sourcing tool
    • Understand the primary purpose of Social Media as a sourcing tool
    • Social media quick hints and best practices
    • Mastering LinkedIn search techniques

    *Completion of advanced modules within the Recruiter Certification Program is worth 5 Re-Certification Credits each. Visit our FAQ for more Re-Certification opportunities.

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    1. Great content


      It is very tough to keep up with the sourcing trends and the content was fresh and relevant!

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