Do You Have What it Takes to be a Great Recruiter?

Across the web, there are frequent posts about what it takes to be a Recruiter. These must-haves vary from source to source, but a few underlying concepts are steadfast in necessity. To truly be a Recruiting all-star, consider these traits that are both innate and learned, and leverage them all.

Sales Skills
Recruiting requires a variety of sales, whether it’s selling the candidate to the client, selling the candidate on the job, or making a pitch to a potential client about your services. A sales-oriented attitude is required within recruiting. This means thinking about overall ROI for all parties involved as well as being organized and focus on every step of the recruiting process in order to facilitate the right results for everyone involved.

Relationship Building Skills
Relationships are incredibly crucial within Recruiting. Across the board, of the biggest complaints candidates have about Recrtuiers is the lack of follow-up once contacted; in fact, over half of candidates (52%) said they feel like they aren’t treated as an individual during the recruiting process.

Remember the golden rule and show respect for every candidate and client. Recruiting requires the ability to not only start a relationship, but cultivate, build, and maintain those relationships, whether it’s to continue a relationship with a client or maintain a healthy pipeline of candidates for a position.

Positive Thinking Skills
In every sales position, but particularly Recruiting, it’s important to have a positive outlook on the outcome of the situation. Not every client and candidate will be satisfied 100% of the time, but take these opportunities to grow and learn from what happened and how to change it next time. Did the candidate not know what to expect on the job? Discuss in further detail the job requirements with the hiring manager next time. Did the client not like the candidate once they started in the role? Be more thorough when interviewing potential candidates next time. Each outcome is an opportunity for growth. Keeping a positive attitude, even in the face of hardship, will pay off in the end.

Listening Skills
In that same vein, Recruiting requires listening skills beyond that of a typical sales person. Actually listening, and not just waiting for your turn to talk, yields results far more favorable than those of Recruiters who don’t bother to truly assess the wants and needs of both the candidate and client. Take the time to listen to a candidate’s questions and concerns and do your best to provide them with the answers they need each time. In the end, the professional relationship will be far stronger.

Research Skills
To be a Recruiting all-star, it’s crucial to understand how to successfully source for candidates in a way that stands out from the rest. Social media and job board tools can often be overused by Recruiters, so it’s important to leverage these new technologies with old-school methodologies. A recent study by IBM revealed that only 16% of CEOs, surveyed in 64 countries, use social media as a way to engage with customers – meaning you can’t always find top talent by skimming social media. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and start a conversation to uncover top candidates.


September 14, 2015

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