Employee Reviews Shift Toward Focus on Positive

Many organizations are steering employee reviews away from the harsh feedback of decades past, realizing the celebration of small victories and accomplishments is the key to maintaining employee engagement.

According to the Wall Street Journal, companies such as VMWare, Wayfair, and Facebook exercise practices to identify employees’ strengths and focus on overall career outlook over criticism. The shift is in direct relation to the realization that harsh leadership tends to do more harm than good, according to WSJ.

Sheila Heen, author of “Thanks for the Feedback,” notes that when employees feel unappreciated, it can overshadow work well done and growth potential.

In lieu of harsh criticism, try these simple motivation practices:

1. Provide Meaningful Work with a Team that Includes:

  • Autonomy
  • Smaller, empowered teams
  • Allowance of learning from mistakes

2. Have Management that Cares

  • Define Clear Goals
  • Provide Continuous Coaching
  • Invest in Development

3. Provide a Positive Work Environment

  • Culture of Recognition
  • Humanistic Workplace (Work Hard/Play Hard)
  • Inclusive, Diverse Work Environment
  • Flexible – As business appropriate

4. Provide Growth Opportunities

  • Training & Support on the Job
  • Structured Development
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Cross-Position Training

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