Fast Stats: The Importance of Big Data Jobs in 2015

The technology sector deserves particular attention when it comes to the creation of jobs. Cloud computing, in which large groups of remote servers are networked to share data processing, data storage, and online access to computer services and resources (NIST), is expected to generate as much as $1.1 trillion a year in revenue this year.

Along with it, the expected addition of as many as 14 million new jobs by 2015, according to an IDC Study. Behind the cloud job boom are three distinctive tech trends: Mobile Apps, Social Networking, and Big Data (Forbes).

Big data – storing, securing, and making sense of large quantities of digital information (Forbes) – is slated to become a $40 billion business in the next three years. This will be directly correlated to a significant increase in the amount of personal data that will be used per person in the next five years.

Among these tech roles, Data Analysts will be in high demand to comb through the massive amount of information that companies will use and store. With this tech trend will also come a need for hiring in related sectors to account for demand, such as sales, customer service, and marketing.

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