How to Recruit Professionals Over 40

As the workforce shifts significantly, more seasoned professionals may battle age discrimination and prejudice. Keeping up with the latest tech trends becomes more essential in order to remain relevant.

Still, studies show that older professionals are no threat to newer generations in the workforce.

“There’s no evidence to support that increased employment by older people is going to hurt younger people in any way. It’s not going to reduce their wages, it’s not going to reduce their hours.” – Alicia Munnell, director of the Center for Retirement for USA Today

When recruiting professionals over 40, consider these career drivers:

I. Stability & Security
II. Work Life Balance
III. Education Opportunities
IV. Utilization of Skill Set & Experience
V. Training
VI. Motivation
VII. Flexible Hierarchies
VIII. Mentoring

Consider these benefits of hiring a more seasoned professional:

  • More life experiences leading to more wisdom and know-how
  • Have a developed skill-set, can easily apply multitude of skills quickly in work environment
  • Less likely to require emotional motivators, more emotionally developed and stabilized
  • Require less hand-holding, reassurance, checking in, constant contact and feedback
  • Require less training, already know how to handle themselves in professional environment

Leveraging your recruiting focus for mid-level and older generations can be key in 2014 when everyone has their sights set on Millennials. According to a recent survey by Manpower, only 14% of employers have strategies in place to recruit more seasoned workers.

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