How to Best Utilize LinkedIn as a Recruiter

In today’s environment of fast-paced technology andLinkedIn: Friend... or Foe? social media, recruiters have begun to rely heavily on sites such as LinkedIn. In fact, one might claim that this sourcing method has become the “new norm.”

While it is true that LinkedIn provides professional information for many qualified candidates, it does not include all such individuals. In fact, only 28% of adults with an online presence use LinkedIn (Pew Research Center). By relying too heavily on LinkedIn, recruiters are only accessing a portion of the candidate pool.

This significantly decreases one’s chances of finding the perfect candidate for a client’s needs.

Many recruiters fail to acknowledge that everyone has access to LinkedIn candidates. This means that the candidates in question are receiving messages every day from eager recruiters looking to make an express hire.

Such a scenario implies that it will be more difficult to stand out as a recruiter, and often the candidate becomes annoyed by all the messages he or she receives.

This is not the right mindset for considering a new opportunity.

If LinkedIn is overused and fails to represent all working adults, what is the solution for modern recruiters?

Leverage all outreach and sourcing channels when finding talent. Not only does this solve the problem of under-representation and overuse of LinkedIn, it promotes decent conversation and communication.

When it comes to recruiting, these are arguably the most imperative elements of finding quality talent.

Genuine candidate conversation can provide thorough information about a candidate’s personality, desires, qualifications, history, and priorities – subjects that are not always available on a social media profile.

In the case of recruiting, “silver bullet” methods are not always better. While LinkedIn is certainly a helpful tool for those wishing to supplement their current research, it should not be the end point for the sourcing and recruiting process.

In the end, it is effective recruiter sourcing and outreach that can make the difference between a successful hire and a misplaced hire.

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January 12, 2016

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