The Top 10 Skills Recruiters Search for on LinkedIn

Analysts at LinkedIn scoured data from more than 330 million member profiles to find the most in-demand skill sets that were searched in 2014, and predict these attributes will continue to be a hot commodity into this year.

The Top 10 Skill Sets Being Searched on LinkedIn:

  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  • Middleware and Integration Software
  • Storage Systems and Management
  • Network and Information Security
  • SEO/SEM Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Architecture and Development Framework
  • Algorithm Design
  • Perl/Python/Ruby

LinkedIn analysts note that investing in STEM skills and education could be key to landing a successful career in today’s tech-heavy professional landscape. Big data, especially cloud and distributed computing skills, are in especially high demand in the US, India, and France, according to the analysis.

While Social Media Marketing topped last year’s list, experts are saying the demand has shifted to the need for “Technical Marketers” – those familiar with digital, web, and SEO marketing skills. Gartner predicts that by 2017, marketing departments will be spending more on technology than Chief Information Officers.

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