Understanding the Shift in Candidate Mindset

What, exactly, has made hiring trends shift so significantly in just a few short years? According to Forbes, two major trends have altered the mindset of job seekers and employers in the U.S.

The first is the shift from the recession mentality that no job is permanent and everyone should be on their toes and prepared to look for new employment at the drop of a hat.

As candidates feel more comfortable with the state of the workforce, they become more likely to shop around and find a job they truly want, instead of living in fear of looking around due to the state of the economy.

The second reason is the level of connection we achieve as a society today – social media usage, such as connecting professionally on LinkedIn, is at an all-time high, allowing for an easier avenue to explore and find new employment opportunities across the board. Likewise, it makes it easier for employers to locate the talent they need.

Saying Goodbye to ‘Passive’ and ‘Active’ Candidates

Another significant shift in Recruiting into 2015 is grasping the idea of the Proactive Candidate. These candidates look into and cultivate their next career opportunity a significant amount of time prior to making the actual career change. According to a survey by Jobvite, as many as 53% of employed workers are open to new job prospects even if they aren’t looking actively.

Additionally, 73% of Proactive Candidates have engaged in job search activities within the last year even if they weren’t necessarily unhappy in their current position, and CareerBuilder notes that candidates are now thinking about their next job search as much as six months before actively searching. In fact, 69% of workers surveyed said that searching for new opportunities is part of their “regular routine,” with 24% searching as frequently as once a week.

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