Utilizing Candidate Connections

Recruiters often come into contact with large segments of the talent pool as they attempt to fill a position, only one of which might fit the job. At that point, it is common to lose contact with the other prospects. While this is somewhat natural, losing connections is counterproductive as a recruiter. Such connections could be useful for three reasons:

1. The candidate might fit another job.
Although a candidate might not be perfect for the position being filled at the time, he or she will likely be a great fit for various openings in the future. Because a recruiter’s work is continuous, it is likely he or she will eventually be assigned a position that could be easily filled with a previous contact. Maintaining a relationship with previous contacts will speed up the recruiting and hiring process and keep doors open to future opportunities.

2. The candidate might have referrals.
While a particular candidate might not fit the position being filled at the moment, he or she might be able to provide contacts that do. Asking a candidate questions such as, “Who would you suggest if you were in my shoes?” might provide game-changing answers. According to a survey done by undercoverrecruiter.com, approximately 40% of new employees result from such references. When communicating with a candidate, is important to utilize that candidate’s network.

3. The candidate might refer your services.
While a candidate might not be hired for the position at hand, he or she will most likely still be employed. Keeping contact with such a candidate could potentially create access to that candidate’s workplace. In this case, the candidate might refer the recruiter’s firm to an employer as he or she becomes more familiar with its recruiters. Candidates might also use recruiting firms themselves, depending on their position, making it useful for recruiters to maintain contact.

Although it is often natural to lose contact with an unfit candidate, such practice lacks foresight and strategy. Making an effort to maintain a large network might result in quick hires, references, and even business. Utilizing connections is prudent and effective for business pipelining.

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