[WHITEPAPER] Effective Recruiter Outreach: Mastering Email, InMail, and Voicemail

Today’s top talent has their choice of where to work more than ever before. In a candidate-driven market, it’s up to the recruiter to ensure that effective outreach methods are utilized in order to cultivate professional relationships, network, and uncover the top talent your client deserves.

There are a variety of methods for reaching out to a candidate, but remember that genuine relationship building goes a long way. Lack of communication from recruiters is one of the biggest complaints of today’s candidates and can be easily avoided by taking these small communication steps.

This whitepaper will discuss the various ways in which a Recruiter and Hiring Manager can work together to best make contact with a candidate, and how to maintain that contact while remaining genuine, engaged, and interested.

In this Whitepaper:

  • Email Best Practices
  • How to write effective LinkedIn Inmails
  • Voicemail and Phone Call scripts for Recruiters
  • Social Media Outreach


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